Creating an intentionally equitable environment for our youth starts with empowerment. We must shift the way we think about education in order to heal and transform our structures, our environments, our youth, our programs and ourselves. We facilitate empowerment workshops for youth to provide them with the tools necessary to be prepared and confident in their daily interactions. We also provide empowerment workshops for the leaders who serve our youth and prepare them with tools necessary to continue creating an equitable and inclusive environment in their daily operations. 

We are all born beautiful, innocent, and free of societal pressure. Somewhere along the way, as we grow older and more aware, that changes. Sometimes it is on purpose, maybe a response to danger or embarrassment. Sometimes it is sub-conscious; a learned behavior. Mask Off | Crown On examines how the masks of peer pressure, social acceptance, personal truths, and self-limiting beliefs effect our trajectory in life, guiding participants through a self-reflective journey to build self-confidence through perseverance. An adult and a youth version of this workshop/workshop series is available.​​



​Transitional leadership is a leadership style in which leaders create an encouraging environment for team members to successfully transition into leadership positions. Transformational leadership is a leadership style in which leaders encourage, inspire and motivate team members to innovate and effect positive change that will help grow and shape the future success of the team, company or organization. This workshop teaches participants how to create a psychologically safe environment for team members and successfully transition team members into leadership positions. An adult and a youth version of this workshop/workshop series is available. 



Studies prove that self-confidence, optimism, operational efficiency and productivity will increase when people feel empowered. We facilitate empowered personal and professional development workshops and trainings that not only encourage, but also show women how to determine their own economic success through creativity, education and business. Our workshops and trainings provide an exclusive opportunity for participants to push their passion project, brand or business to the forefront, improve work-personal life balance, build new friendships and business partnerships and amplify their passion! 


Networking paves the way for better opportunities in life and career and influences our development as individuals. Networking can increase our power, our reach and our net worth! What is the right way to network? There is more to networking than asking someone for their contact info. How do you stay on their mind? How do you provide value and nurture that relationship? The ability to network efficiently and effectively builds self-confidence and promotes positive self-esteem. In this workshop, participants learn Keona's infamous 3 key process to networking effectively. We promise you won't forget the 3 keys 🔑 🔑 🔑 !!


Now is the time to activate the amazing idea you have been dreaming of and BIRTH YOUR VISION! The Passion2Purpose Mentorship Program is a personal and professional development program that provides mentees with consistent accountability, empowerment, valuable resources and tangible tools to help them amplify their passion! Available as a workshop series or monthly mentorship. Monthly mentorship is a 3 month commitment minimum to start.



Our Founder, Keona Henderson, is a licensed California Realtor who is a Certified First Time Home Buyer Specialist. Additionally, she is a two time recipient of the Top 5 agent Award, three time recipient of the Bronze Award for real estate sales and the Realtor Hard Charger Award. Her goal is to educate 500+ families within the next 5 years on how to build generational wealth through real estate. If you are ready to buy or sell real estate in Southern California, Keona "The Empowered Realtor" is the best option!

Ready to launch that passion project? Ready to host that event, but you're not great at organizing and project development? Interested in securing sponsorships, but not sure how? Unsure of how to choose effective speakers for your upcoming event? We help to develop your passion project from concept to completion, allowing participants to amplify your passion! 

about us

What started as an impromptu weekend meetup over 9 years ago, has blossomed into an impactful empowerment platform and company. Our services are great for individuals, small businesses, schools, teams, colleges, community programs, companies and organizations.

Positive Women Meet Up, LLC is a personal and professional development platform focused on the empowerment of women and youth. We provide women and youth with tangible tools to trash imposter syndrome, amplify their passion, increase self-worth, polish up their creative and professional acumen, and execute their passion projects. PWM provides personal and professional development through consultancy, trainings, workshops, keynote speeches, as well as empowerment seminars, conferences, and special events.©

​To book our services, send your inquiry to Info@PositiveWomenMeetUp.com. Please include all event details and your estimated budget. Thank you.