Keona Anntionette, CEO & Founder

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Inland Empire and Los Angeles area

​​​​​      Keona Anntionette is a mother, wife, poet, influential community leader, motivational speaker, and a boundless creative. Born in Los Angeles, Keona has been excelling at public speaking since an adolescent. She was always encouraged to recite her original poetry pieces at her mother's poetry events. As an elementary school student in Houston, TX, Keona won a fictional short story contest sponsored by Scholastic. She was awarded with having her story published in the nationally dispersed Scholastic newsletter. In middle school, Keona's poetry piece on the Holocaust was featured at the Houston Holocaust Museum. As a high school student in Memphis, TN, Keona beat out every VICA contestant in the state of Tennessee and won 1st place in the state VICA Speech Competition. Keona was then eligible to move on to compete in the VICA Nationals, yet was faced with a difficult choice- compete in Nationals or accept a full scholarship to attend Northfield Mount Hermon (a preparatory school in Boston). In Boston, Keona majored in Creative Writing,which helped strengthen her creative writing and public speaking skills, while in the company of excellent scholars from around the world.

      In June of 2003, a week after high school graduation, Keona left the city of Memphis, which she still considers to be "home", and moved back to California for college. While in college, at the University of California Riverside, Keona helped facilitate the short lived Black Voices newspaper, and was a contributing writer. Her senior year, Keona attended the African Black Coalition (ABC) Conference and performed her poetry. In the first quarter of 2008, Keona participated in the UCDC Program, where she interned in Washington, DC at the American Federation of Teachers AFL-CIO. This was a great experience for Keona, as she attended meetings on the union's behalf, and spoke on issues pertaining to improving education. Keona graduated UC Riverside in 2008, with a Bachelor's degree in English. Keona eventually launched Positive Women Meet Up after 8 years of only dreaming about it. In 2015, Keona was able to return to the ABC Conference (held at UC Irvine), this time as a guest speaker, representing Positive Women Meet Up. As you can see, motivational speaking and poetry has always been Keona's passion. In 2015, she appeared in an episode of Jeanine Daniel's show, Becoming Nia (Check YouTube for Black & Sexy TV). Driven by her passion to create, inspire, and collaborate with other women, Keona launched Positive Women Meet Up in 2013. 

      Keona also enjoys traveling, fashion, photography, and collaborating with others. Further, as a member of OES and a UCR alumna, Keona continues to be a positive influence in the community. Send an email to, to book Keona as a speaker or host for your next event. 


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