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The 25x25 Project


​​​There is an educational equity gap in the Black community.

"An educational equity gap is where there is a significant and persistent disparity in educational attainment between different groups of students. The equity gap that exists between white students and students of color begins in K-12 education --where 87% of white students graduate high school on-time compared to 76% of Hispanic and 73% of African American students -- and continues into and through postsecondary education."

-101: Equity Gaps in Higher Education, Higher Education Advocates , May 2019

What you may not know is that the educational equity gap is also reflective of an empowerment equity gap. An empowerment equity gap exists when students lack affirmations of self-worth, self-confidence, positive reinforcement and effective critical decision-making skills. One of the keys to personal development for youth is empowerment. Our intention is to introduce our youth to empowerment for the first time, or reinforce their current understanding of and relationship with empowerment. Empowerment is an equitable resource, which means it creates experiences that enable our youth to reach empowering and rigorous learning outcomes - no matter their race or income. Positive Women Meet Up, LLC is pleased to have developed an empowerment outreach program for K-12th grade students and young adults- The 25x25 Project.

Our empowerment programming promotes the five components of social-emotional learning: self-awareness, self-management, responsible decision making, social awareness and relationship skills. Equipping youth with these essential skills can help eradicate poverty, crime and drug use at an early age. Make no mistake--the empowerment our young African American girls receive today is what develops them into the future female leaders we need tomorrow. Our empowerment outreach workshops and programming introduces our young ladies to critical thinking, personal development and enhances essential skills through the lens of empowerment. Our programming also provides an interactive and inspiring experience while preparing students for fast paced critical thinking situations.

Empowerment is our passion and our business. For the past 6 years, we have hosted empowerment workshops for women and youth, provided empowerment programming to local schools and organizations. Surveys and feedback from our programming confirm that youth who participate in our empowerment programming were able to reframe their understanding of empowerment and leadership, develop better critical decision-making skills, become more self-aware, develop a healthy relationship with themselves and others, and noticed immediate improvements in their own self-esteem. We have taken this information and combined our empowerment workshops into an effective, interactive and engaging 12-week personal development program focused on the empowerment of African American girls.