Positive Women Meet Up, LLC

Inland Empire and Los Angeles area



Our founder's first set of ‪#‎BagLady‬Project donations came from her own pocket in January of 2016. She put her money where her heart AND mouth was. $65 and two old purses later...

"One of my New Year resolutions is to give back more to my community through both my OES contributions and personally. Through my ‪#‎PositiveWomenMeetUp‬ events, I am starting a project called #BagLady. I have seen the idea around Facebook to fill an old purse with necessary items for homeless women. I love that idea!! In the spirit of empowering and encouraging women, I will be accepting old purses and donated items to fill these purses. We all have old purses that are just sitting there because they're torn, the zipper broke, or we don't need them anymore. All donations will be given to homeless women in my community. If you are in the Inland Empire and have anything to donate, let me know. We can link up. You can give the purse by itself or have it already filled with items. You can also just donate items to fill other purses, it doesn't matter. They don't have to be expensive purses or items either. The dollar store is fine. These women need sanitary napkins, water, vitamins, baby wipes, band aids, first aid ointment, hair ties, body wash, deodorants, snacks, gift cards for food, new undergarments, pens/paper/pencils, gum/breath mints, hand sanitizer, lotion, lip balm, etc. Anything you would need daily, put it in the purse or donate it. All I ask is that you put a small inspirational note in the bag for the woman it will be given to. Contact me at poetiklocs@yahoo.com to be apart of this #PositiveWomenMeetUp movement. Thanks!"

                                                                              -Keona Henderson, CEO & Founder