The PDub Team:

Cleo Valentine

​Operations Manager

Keona Henderson

CEO & Founder

Susan Henderson

​Show Runner

Positive Women Meet Up, LLC

Inland Empire and Los Angeles area


Saturday, June 22, 2019 

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Mission Statement: Positive Women Meet Up, LLC is a power networking platform for women. Established to provide an exclusive opportunity for women to push their brand or business to the forefront, build new friendships and business partnerships. PWM aides in women’s personal and professional development through consulting services, keynote speeches, as well as empowerment workshops, training seminars, conferences, and special events.©

About Positive Women Meet Up, LLC:

     Positive Women Meet Up, LLC (PWM) CEO and founder, Keona Henderson, has a fiery passion to empower women. In 2013, Keona began to hosting informal meet ups, encouraging women to network and share their expertise. The meet ups began to grow quickly and Keona found herself meeting more and more dynamic women that she found could benefit greatly from a platform that would center them as an expert in their field, promote their business, and help them to develop personally and professionally. In December of 2017, Positive Women Meet Up, LLC was established. 

      Today, through Positive Women Meet Up, LLC produces women empowerment events which provide women with tangible tools to increase their professional acumen, and valuable encouragement to execute their passion projects, start their business or revamp an existing business plan. We affectionately refer to our supporters as "PDubs" and promote women empowerment through workshops, masterclasses, strategy sessions, training seminars and conferences. PWM teaches women how to empower others by providing a platform for women to amplify their passion and share their expertise with others. Simultaneously providing an opportunity for mentorship, power networking and collaboration among women. 

     By starting from scratch, following her dreams, and leveling up on her own passion project, Keona continues to be a positive example for women who want to achieve their dreams. All while hosting events that will edify your soul and encourage collaboration among women. As a result, Positive Women Meet Up, LLC has become the leading personal and professional development, power networking platform in the Inland Empire.